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‘55 Chevrolet Pickup

A unique service offered by Auto Restoration & Classics is what we call an "Owner Assist."  Many customers like to do various stages of the restoration process themselves and Richard enjoys the comraderie of working with those who share the same enthusiasm for creating a truly unique vehicle customized to their individual preferences.

The owner of this '55 Chevy pickup selected and built the drivetrain and chassis.  In the owner's garage shop, ARC inspected the work and made all necessary adjustments to the braking system and overall drivetrain to ensure everything was assembled and functioned properly.

ARC performed all the body work, paint preparation, assembly, and wiring of the entire vehicle at the ARC facility.  The owner assisted ARC in the cleaning and sanding processes prior to and during the body work stages.

Work in Progress Pictures

The owner began with a fairly complete, but rough, vehicle.


The owner completed the rolling chassis and engine installation.

The owner designed and roughed out the center console, removed the original insturment cluster in favor of a modern LED Dakota Digital cluster, and did some rough firewall repair.  ARC completed the welding and fitting of the console.

The cab has been primered, and is set on the autotwirler in preparation for undercoating.

The cab is on the autotwirler and has been sprayed with undercoating/bedliner material for sound deadening and corrosion protection.

Fitting of front end sheetmetal.

Cab painted and ready for installation.

Final assembley begins; cab is mounted to the frame, followed by the bed and front end sheetmetal.

Wiring (one of ARC's specialties) is run thought the vehicle for all electrical systems, such as the digital insturment cluster, DVD entertainment system, and exterior and interior lighting.

Almost ready...

Six months, from start to finish!  Just in time for the Lost in the 50's parade, 2008.